Rinker 236

Rinker 236

I missed the company’s Rinker 236 boat. When I took the helm in my hands, I realised that this boat is really wonderful. Completely tuned drive, 454 Magnum smoothly very quickly, reaching speed in just over 3.5 seconds. After 500 revolutions per minute, it was possible to get a higher speed and a more comfortable attitude to ride in the middle of the hump trim, and all this when changing the throttle setting.

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You don’t have to be a specialist to see that this boat was made for fast swimming. All thanks to the Rinker hull.

How to not love Rinker 236 boat?

The stability and very good performance is achieved by 18° transom. The triangular keel pad, which is flatter, is about 6 inches wide. It starts from the midship and, in combination with two trumpets on each side, provides a very fast boat lift to the deck with a weight of 3,200 pounds. This allows the boat to remain on the water even at 2500 RPM. The moderate middle section and the gentle entrance provide a lot of experience in a soft and dry ride. Regardless of the speed, the Rinker reacts very well to the rudder entrance and even at high speed and sharp turns the side skid was decent.

Rinker 236 is made of hand-woven glass fibre consisting of 10 layers. They were combined with five full-size stringers and three layers of a 24-piece woven ring. The hull has a 3-year limited warranty, all thanks to Coremat, which is thick and very rigid, making it resistant to any punctures. The Foredeck is almost equal to gunwales. The log takes almost 50% of the boat length. The cabin is very comfortable with a V-berth. There are seats on the left side of the berth, which are very comfortable and thickly padded. The room is painted in such a way that it seems there is more space. There is a mirror partition at the front and acrylic doors and hatch.

Rinker 236 motorboat

A quality that has never changed

Rinker is a great motorboat for occasional accommodation or even a whole weekend for two. The small bed guarantees close contact with the other person, so it is the perfect boat for people who would like to spend a night together close to each other. Inside there is adjustable lighting and a glass frame. There are also many storage compartments. Rinker 236 went one step further, and for those who need a little more space, he has prepared a cabin with a raised floor, so if you are going on trips alone, it will be the right choice for you.

The swivel upholstered bucket seats provide great comfort and lateral support for manoeuvring. In addition, the wheelhouse seat has good all-round, water and straight-ahead visibility. There are five VDO indicators on the dashboard. The seat is in the ideal driving position with the arms outstretched, but it is not possible to adjust the seat forwards or backwards. The Quicksilver control is very comfortable and holds well.

There is a sufficiently wide bench at the aft end of the cockpit, which is very comfortable. Access to the engine compartment is facilitated by an electrically raised hatch made of fibreglass. The battery is secured with a bracket that holds it quite firmly. To facilitate access to the battery, it is located next to the engine on its left side. The engine compartment is made neatly and quite nicely, just like the rest of Rinker. There is no exposed glass fibre anywhere on the entire surface of the boat. Everything is perfectly matched and the outdoor carpet gives grace to the whole boat. There are four mirrors on board, which add class and provide plenty of light. In addition, there is a fire extinguisher on the motorboat, which is standard.

Rinker 236 berth

One word- Infatuation

Although the design of the Rinker 236 is simple, the creators have made the boat have made it look very detailed and finished to make it look elegant. One example is the door. They are attached to nylon handles, which are connected to rails made of anodised aluminium.Thanks to this, the door walks lightly and you might think it will last a lot. The biggest disadvantage is the loud through-flow exhaust system
Thanks to this, the door walks lightly and you might think it will last a lot. The biggest disadvantage is the loud through exhaust system, which makes a lot of noise. Fortunately, the noise is reduced thanks to integrated silencers, which reduce unpleasant noise. The Rinker Sport looks very neat and fast despite its three-tone weight. In addition, the robust construction goes hand in hand with attention to detail, which makes this motorboat a very attractive choice.