Designed by a Royal navy architect, Robert Tucker, the Pilothouse 36 was later refined and developed by Colin (Lotus Cars) Chapman. Powered, in the main, by twin Perkins 175’s which gives the 350 a top speed of 25 knots, 18 knots cruising, the Pilothouse soon became the craft to own. Always happiest with the sea on the bow Pilothouses were often delivered from the factory in Norfolk in sea conditions and wind speeds up to force 8.


To this day the boat is as desirable as ever and to this end the Pilothouse Owners Club was formed. Its founder member, Morvyn Phillips, writes regularly of his travels aboard Darius his (non flybridge version) of the 36 in Motor Boats Monthly. Morvyn contributes the Founders column in the owners club magazine Pilothouses International.

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Pilothouses International` is the magazine of the Pilothouse Owners Club and is published quarterly, by Dave Beet. Dave also publishes, and maintains the Owners club web site! His Pilothouse, was Delta Moon, which is a Buxton flybridge version of the marque.

The magazine is free to club members and this web site is designed to be a bridge, mid publication, between it and you. The work involved on both this web site, and the magazine is carried out at, absolutely no charge, to Pilothouse Owners Club members. If you are just browsing, own or contemplating owning a Pilothouse, then once again, welcome to the official.
There are various configurations of the Pilothouse 36, the non flybridge aft cabin model, Darius is an example of this, the flybridge models, there are two types, the Buxton being the large flybridge version, Delta Moon is an example of this and the smaller flybridge version, Acuatica being an example of that config. There are the non flybridge, non aft cabin versions Brave Spirit being an example of this. The non aft cabin though, flybridged version of the sportsman, ‘Blue Marlin’ is an example of that config. The one thing they all have in common though are the lines of the hull and because of this, they are immediately recognisable to purists . Examples of the Pilothouse 36 can be found in countries all over the world including the USA.
The range of engines for the Pilothouse 36 encompasses Diesels from 145hp through to 220hp with the mixed array of engines from other manufacturers. Perkins diesels, in the main, are the most frequently fitted power units and to this end I have set up active buttons. Click on these active buttons and you will go direct to the Perkins web site. Electronics are catered for as well and a click on the Garmin, Furuno and Magellan buttons takes you to their sites.