Chaparral 2150 SX

chaparral 2150 sx

The first thing that catches the eye in the Chaparral 2150 SX is the combination of comfort and beautiful styling. One thing you have to say is that the Chaparral is not a sports boat, it is a boat that looks beautiful with its Villain line. The boat can be described as aggressive, graceful.

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The first thing that hits the eye is the black rudder console, which does not dazzle despite the light and the VDO instruments are practically unfolded. At the top, there are fuel gauges, tachometer and speedometer. Below is the oil pressure indicator, voltmeter, power trimmer and temperature indicator. The indicators are very well visible. The bucket seat, where the rudder sits or stands, is very comfortable and provides good stability.

Luxurious, fast, comfortable

The deck of the 2150 SX is covered with a coloured carpet, which ensures good grip. The downside is that it cannot be removed for cleaning. In addition to the passenger seat, there are two aft jumping seats on the boat. While sitting on the jumping seats, you can pull out the cushions to make a sun visor. There is a shelf on the engine compartment which forms a table when unfolded. The jumping seats can be raised and moved. Underneath there is a storage space for the icebox and the battery on the right. The seats are very easy to move and lift. The upholstery on the boat is carefully made. As far as the colours of the boat are concerned, there are seven proposals to choose from. All colours match the colour of the hull. Chaparral hull is in the colour of gelcot.

Chaparral 2150 SX cockpit

Cabin 2150 is very capacious so you will not feel claustrophobic. The cabin is cozy and very bright. You can stay overnight in the V-shaped cabin. There is also a cabinet on the starboard side inside. Inside there is a portable water tank and sink. The headliner is covered with carpet. The shelves are covered with plush fabric. In addition, there is an additional locker under pillows and in one of the cabinets. You cannot forget about the stereo/cassette player with four loudspeakers, which makes the evening more pleasant. At the stern there is a bathing platform covered with non-slip material.

You won’t want to miss it

The boat is equipped with a number of handles which make it easier to get out of the water to the deck. Stainless grabrail is mounted on the outside of the transom. It enters the railing of the ladder. The steps in the ladder are covered with teak wood, which makes it less slippery. In addition, it is possible to fold the ladder. The Chaparral 2150 SX has a ski ear so that we can make the most of the boat. The hull has been manually laminated with fibreglass and the connection to the deck is ensured by stainless steel screws. Fibreglass has been applied to the dried Norwegian spruce, which stiffens the four transverse elements and two stingers. The Chaparral is powered by 5.7L MerCruiser Alpha One, 5.0 Alpha One, which includes additional OMC Cobra and Volvo Penta packages. The first of these engines, the 5.7L, drives the boat to over 50mph. The 2150 SX is very pleasant to drive. Thanks to its bottom, it is very fast and behaves perfectly. The bottom has a 20° of glide.

Moreover, the boat behaves very well in fast, tight corners. In addition to its practicality, the Chaparral is also attractive. The biggest advantage is that everything you really need is included in the standard version. This is why all models from this manufacturer are so popular.